pr when you need it

how we work

Think of us as an employee
PR is an essential marketing tool, especially in the current economic condition, but for many organisations, employing an expensive PR agency is an unaffordable luxury.  Some companies also cannot justify the cost of employing a full-time PR Executive or Communications Officer, but they still need the high profile that PR can provide.
We aim to offer small to medium businesses and charities the opportunity of accessing an outsourced service providing all the skills of an in-house PR Exec, without the annual salary or the expensive monthly retainer.
Getting to know you
To establish a thorough understanding of your organisation, it’s essential that we begin by visiting you at your place of business to get to know you and your company, in order to understand your target audience, your products, services and the message you would like to deliver.
After this, consider us good to go. It really is as simple as that. Whenever you have news you need to share, or simply something you would like us to write - just PressPlay- and we’ll be ready to start.