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what our clients say

“Having PressPlay on board means we don’t miss opportunities. When the media contact us, or we want to make an announcement, we are able to pick up the telephone and ask PressPlay to respond. We recently had a request from the editor of a target publication for a two page article. We were unable to deliver this in-house, but were able to brief PressPlay to swiftly deliver.  They were of course already familiar with us, having been to our offices and spent time with us prior to using their services, so they knew about us, our vision and what we stood for. The article resulted in a regular piece in this particular magazine, which PressPlay delivers on a regular basis. Now we use their services to respond to announcements, launch our products, programmes and services, write case studies and draft and distribute press releases.”
“PressPlay is a great alternative to in-house staff. They generate a level of coverage you would expect from a large agency – at a fraction of the cost.  Now, we are able to activate our PR when we need to, so there are no heavy retainers to pay on a monthly basis.”
Stuart Parks,
Membership Manager,
Learning through Landscapes.

“When the Fruit-Full Schools programme was launched, we required additional third party assistance with various PR activities- from regional announcements, to the delivery of the overall PR campaign. We were hoping to secure national, specialist and regional coverage, but didn’t have all the in-house resources necessary. We looked into using a PR agency, but their fees exceeded our budgetary limits. But then someone recommended PressPlay, explaining that they were a cost effective alternative.

They gathered as much info as they needed from us, such as who we were aiming to tell our story to, where we wanted the story to appear and what the project was all about and they spent the time getting to know the programme. They interviewed the people involved in our programme for the press release and also for case studies and they fitted in perfectly with how we wanted to deliver the programme.

They were like part of the team, and were passionate about the success and results of the launch. And the results were more than we could have hoped for. We hit all the major titles including national (Daily Mail) and local print coverage, we had online coverage and radio and television interest and we also had great success with the specialist media . The campaign was professionally managed and excellently executed, with timely responses to any further opportunities or requests. PressPlay filled a gap in our team that we lacked- and we’ll be using them next time we need additional publicity support.”
Emily Brown,
Development Manager,
Fruit-Full Schools

“As our marketing budgets are a lot tighter than they were, we cannot justify the spend on a monthly retainer to employ a PR agency.  However, since PressPlay began working for us on a freelance basis, we have yet to notice a downturn in our coverage or a drop in the quality of the writing.  Quite the reverse.  They are quick to respond, can take a brief very effectively and turn work around promptly.  I would not hesitate in recommending PressPlay to a busy marketing department that hasn't got the time to do their own PR, and has access to a more limited budget to use for freelance PR and copywriting.  They have also produced copy for our newsletters and e-shots.”
Chris Sharp
MD, FourFront Ltd

“As a relatively small business, we felt our needs were too minor for a large agency, but we needed to get into the local press and didn’t know how to go about it. We also wanted to re-write our web content and had a few other jobs that we required help for, such as creating a piece of editorial for a local lifestyle magazine. We contacted PressPlay and they came to us, learnt about our business, and helped us develop some ideas for news and local announcements. They also wrote a fantastic piece of editorial and wrote the text for our advertising campaign.”
“Now we call them whenever we have a story, or when we need anything written. They react straight away as they are familiar with us and know who we want to reach. They are the perfect PR alternative for a smaller business such as ours. “
Beverley Wallace,
Director of Arcana

“PressPlay provide us with a swift and professional service - whenever we require their assistance. They have enabled us to develop and deliver our news to target publications, introduced us to new media and also helped us cultivate relationships with key journalists. Whenever we have newsworthy announcements PressPlay step into action – and we are always delighted with the coverage their work generates.”

Sean Sims, Director, Military Direct Ltd